What this is all about

I like to think of myself as an “incidental” stay-at-home-mom. As the daughter of a single working mother from a lower (albeit lower-middle) class family, I never thought that I, Cassie, would be incidentally blessed to have this opportunity. I say blessed because the opportunity is available, I say incidental because to make it work, I have to become the ultimate couponing, deal-seeking, cooking, sewing, diaper-reusing (okay, that’s not true and that’s gross), play date organizing, cleaning extraordinaire. So this is where the adventure begins; I, the “never thought I’d be a stay-at-home-mom EVER” working woman, have to transition to a a stay-at-home wonder woman. I will be documenting my transitional journey and all of my adventures in the following: homemade baby food, scrubbing base-boards (because the cost of our maid just won’t make the big budget cut- another story for another blog), clipping coupons, haggling at garage sales, negotiating babysitting swaps, meeting new moms, somehow getting the last of my foundation to last forever, and various other episodes that will scare the crap out of me and/or make me go crazy. All I need from you, dear reader, is to join me by doing what I won’t be able to do by pouring yourself a big glass of wine, sitting in your comfy spot, and enjoying my misadventures.


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