Just a reflection…

What I will NOT miss about working:

– 5:30 am alarms

– The Mondays (and the Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays… and… the Sundays Nights!)

– Fearing my child will love his caretaker more than he loves me

– 10 hours of work, 2 hours of family time

– Taking off work when baby is sick (and feeling guilty about it)

– Commuting

– Letting the house go during the week

– Cleaning on weekends

– Paperwork… paperwork… paperwork!

– Feeling tired all of the time (see #1)

– TV Dinners

– Missing my family

– Stressing about trying to be super mom

– Dead plants (because who really has time to water when they’re trying to do it all)

– Filling up the gas tank 1/week

– Wearing maternity panties because I ran out of clean ones… again.

– Classroom drama

– Work clothes


– Having a truly motivating reason to do my hair/make-up every morning

– Olive Garden, Chili’s, Texas Land and Cattle etc… (This could be a page of it’s own)

– Dates that are out of the house and require a babysitter (I guess dating. period.)

– Audio book time (aka my commute)

– Cable TV (And NBC Nightly News with the dashing Brian Jennings)

– Vacations that require a plane, the cost of a hotel room, and staying away for long periods of time

– Manicures, pedicures, and any other ‘cures’ that require me being pampered

– The maid service, the pest control service, the lawn service, and (insert here) service.

– Professional Photography (and editing)

– Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Target, the mall and lots more

– Owning brand new anything

– Friday afternoons (anticipating the weekend)

So most everything I will miss involves “the things, the it, the stuff” . I am feeling so grateful that I get to trade the “it” for the “them”.


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