“You dress like a mom!”

I woke up on Mother’s Day after 14 hours of sleep, still feeling sick, but so happy to be with my boys (the big one and the little one). My 7-month-old son surprised me with an unexpected addition to my Pandora bracelet, a little heart charm that reads “mom” several different languages. He also surprised me with a shopping spree! I had asked for one for my birthday, and I was excited to see that my birthday gift of shopping came a few weeks early. I don’t often ask for just spending money as gifts, I prefer the sentimental kind (seriously. A handwritten note is worth more than all the gold in the world, okay an ounce). Also, I usually prefer to be surprised by not knowing what I will receive beforehand; however, as I rummaged through my closet a few weeks ago, I became so frustrated at what I found (or really didn’t find). I realized that I am becoming one of those women who continues to wear maternity clothes way, WAY beyond delivering the child and losing the weight. Seriously, I couldn’t figure out why the majority of the outfits I have are maternity or just very old or just very “teacherish”.  As I stood there lost in my wonderment, I became a little ashamed of myself. I mean, here I am, 25 years old, and I really do dress 10 years beyond my age. Everything is covered up, nothing is short, nothing is tight at all, and absolutely nothing is stylish… maternity and work wear only. SMH. My sister even told me once BEFORE ever having kids, “you dress like a mom”.  Ugh! I do; I really, really do; however, to justify this, I have to say that as a young teacher of high schoolers, I have to dress beyond my age or else they just will not take me seriously (It doesn’t hurt that Naturalizer shoes are super comfy).  So after picking out a maternity shirt and some jeans (which I found out later that day had a hole in the crotch), I went looking for my husband to tell him that I desperately needed to go shopping! He agreed, but I didn’t know how much he would be willing to fork over for me to splurge. This brings me back to Mother’s Day. My husband handed me $400 with only one stipulation, “clothes only!” So Now I have $400 in ‘clothes only’ money, and I am so scared to spend it because I fear I’ll end up buying more not-so-stylish “mom” clothes. It is weird thinking that I don’t have to worry about work dress code or a growing baby bump, and I don’t quite know what the SAHM wardrobe should be.

SEE    http://atlantamomofthree.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/becoming-the-sexy-wife/

I just want to be happy, and for me, happy is comfy, yet sexy, yet stylish, and yet cheap… so I seriously have some deep “analysis paralysis” (<– that’s my husband’s term).  I am happy to accept any advice on how to put together the SAHM wardrobe of my dreams.


One thought on ““You dress like a mom!”

  1. Wow! Nice – enjoy the shopping!! “comfy, yet sexy, yet stylish, and yet cheap” – Very good, I think you are on the right track. 😀

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