Mom Uniform Pt. 1

I am dedicating this week to the Mom uniform. After conducting a large amount research yesterday, I find the mom uniform to be a fascinating and controversial topic. One might think that what a SAHM wears really doesn’t matter; in truth, it matters a great deal to those who are SAHMs (and their spouses). The internet is filled with blogs about what to wear, what not to wear, and WHY to wear and not to wear. There are even blogs about WHEN to wear what not to wear (more on that later)!

Picture originally posted by Academichic

DAY 1: the “stylish” mom

Some SAHM blogs are dedicated solely to theme of SAHM fashion. These blogs center around cheap (some not so cheap) styles and how to build outfits out of multi-purpose pieces. The “Momma Go Round” blog journals one woman’s adventure in finding herself and her style. The TLC website even boasts the “5 tips to creating your mom uniform” (which are actually pretty handy).  So apparently the idea of mom uniform does exist, but just what is it?!

That, my friends, is the million dollar question.  I rounded up all of the main items the stylish mom might wear to create her uniform, and it includes the following. At least 2 pair of jeans, skinny or boot-cut, your choice. The daring mama fashionista might even opt for colored jeans. No more “mom jeans” allowed! Also, the wardrobe should consist of 2 pair of shorts for the 110 degree hell that is the Texas summer. What surprised me most was the amount of stylists that recommended skirts and dresses (Really?!) I just don’t see how one can functionally crawl around with baby in a skirt, but then again, no one is home to see your boot-tay (among other things) hanging out, so I guess they could work. They key to dressing as the stylish SAHM is accessories, accessories, and more accessories. Scarves, shoes (flats only people!), jewelry, and more! Since SAHMs are typically on a tight budget, the advice is to mix it up. Change the jacket, or the scarf, or the jewelry to make an old shirt seem new again. Pinterest has dozens of boards dedicated to the idea of the creative vs. quantity versatile uniform. So these are the moms that I will call “stylish”.

Apparently the thing to do is to create a “capsule”

Where there is one hand, there is always the other, and in this case, the other consists of what I will call “realist” moms. More on that tomorrow…


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