Poem: The Mom Uniform

Yes. This is really a poem about the mom uniform… Happy Friday!!

The Mom Uniform 

By: Edward J. Branley 

The Mom Uniform
Is at once
A convenience and a disguise.
Easy to put on
Amidst the chaos of the
Morning rush to school,
Allowing the wearer
To blend in during the day,
In the car line
The homeroom
Or the coffee shop.

The Mom Uniform has many variations.
Capris, a polo, and flips,
Or perhaps
Shorts, T-shirt, and trainers.
It’s permissible to alternate between
The various combinations,
So long as
The components are consistent.

Questions often arise
When a woman deviates from
The Mom Uniform.
As other moms’ imaginations
Go wild with possibilities.
No rational explanation will do
When those in need of that explanation
Have already jumped to dramatic conclusions.

The discerning lover,
Learns to accept
The Mom Uniform
As part of the rules
Of the midday tryst.

Discretion is rewarded
With the delights underneath, as
The Mom Uniform
Is carefully removed,
Folded, and
Placed on the chair,
Ready to be donned afterwards
For the afternoon carpool pick-up.




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