Shopping Fool

So I did it! I went shopping and spent about ½ of my Mother’s Day money. I don’t have the nerve to take the tags off just yet, but everything is sorted and in my closet. For my first trip, I had only sought to try on a few maxi dresses, but I became stuck in JC Penny when I passed by a whole display of plain fitted t-shirts in all colors of the rainbow marked down to $6 from $12. The area was all ‘glowy’, like angels singing ‘glowy’. How could I pass up this opportunity to purchase all of my mom uniform t-shirts* in once place for ½ off! There were seriously 16 different colors and shades of colors from which to choose. I was like a kid in a candy store. I finally narrowed it down to 7 colors and 1 white t-shirt. It was not easy, though. I chose a couple of bright summer colors, but also some that will work well into Fall… I hope.


My Mom Uniform Basics

My Mom Uniform Basics

Now that I had my feet wet, I was ready to jump in! After all of my research, one thing I resolved to start wearing as part of my uniform is scarves. There were so many different patterns, and I had so much trouble deciding. I wish I this part was easier. Since the scarves were pricier, I really wanted to get ones that I could use with multiple shirts, but I’m terrible with pattern matching, so I chose ones with multiple colors vs. patterns. (See pictures above) I did find a single neutral gray/white one, so I am hoping it works with something.

I really was shopping fool yesterday at the mall, and with Bubsy in tow, I didn’t have room for the dressing room, so I just tried some of them on right there on the floor. People must have thought I was crazy! After the mall, (well, JCP… the mall closed before I could proceed anywhere else) I felt the need to fill in all of basics, which brought me to Old Navy. Surprise! $19 jean sale! Woot Woot! I became adventurous at Old Navy… I even bought white, skinny jeans. WHITE! SKINNY! Adjectives I never thought I would EVER use to describe my pants (and maybe I shouldn’t ever use). They are not really practical for mom jeans, but they will work for Date Nights and Mom Night Outs, so I figured I will give them a try.


For the curvier mom: The Sweetheart from Old Navy $30

For the curvier mom: The Sweetheart from Old Navy $30 

MNO and Date Night

MNO and Date Night








*The mom uniform shirt criteria*

1. The shirt has the ability to collect such a mess of stuff that if it needs to be thrown away without hesitation.

2. The shirt is flattering yet comfortable

3. The shirt can be worn with multiple combinations of shorts/jeans and accessories



One thought on “Shopping Fool

  1. Sweet! Sounds like you made some great finds. I was quite taken with JCP’s new layout and displays recently, too. . . . I have some white cropped jeans and, while not practical for the day-to-day, they are versatile for lots of “going out” occasions, everything from book club to school events.

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