Maternity leave

So I said in my “My Space” that I would tell ya’ll more about maternity leave (ML) later- I guess now is later!

I took ML a week early because I had some crazy Braxton-hicks and didn’t want to go into labor in front of all my students. Plus, the doctor had told me on Wednesday September 26 that there would be no way I would make it to the weekend; in fact, she would be “SHOCKED” if I had this baby in October… fast forward to a WEEK later, October 3rd! ah, first thing I said when the OB go to the delivery room, “You’d be shocked?!?” Oh well, it makes for a great story, and even better when I add that I went into labor at Walmart (gotta keep it classy afterall!)

Okay, back to ML… everything was going great, except I was exhausted, having trouble breast feeding, awkwardly dealing with all of the family in town, trying to keep the house together, trying to be supermom/wife from the get-go… Okay, so things were hectic and crazy, not really great. In fact, I’ll admit that after bringing home the baby, my husband and I even had an open conversation that could be titled, “what were we thinking?!”

Luckily, within a week, things started to balance out. The extended family went back to normal, my husband went back to work, and here I was with this little-bitty baby, still trying to breastfeed. We had finally fallen into a good routine when BAM! I got mastitis and my supply plummeted. Breast-feeding went from awfully terrible to tremendously impossible! All of this, combined with the fact that I was still trying to be super mom and wife stressed me out… at least, I thought I knew what stress was, until I got a stomach bug ON TOP OF the mastitis. Then, I just couldn’t eat. So here I was, not eating, not sleeping, and in a lot of pain. At 6am on a Friday morning, I collapsed in the kitchen. My husband had to call his mom to come watch the baby, so I could get to the hospital for fluids.

Thank God for Mother-in-laws (said no one before me, ever!) But seriously, thank God for mine. She drove all the way from Houston on a moment’s notice, so I could go get healthy.

After my half-day in the hospital, I felt better and was ready to turn things around. My OB made me quit breast-feeding (I gave it my best shot and it just wasn’t working), I started eating again, and I started taking naps when the baby would sleep, so I could catch up on rest.

So why did I still think I could never be a SAHM? Simple. I was lonely and bored. We had just moved to our new house far north of our previous place; my best friend had just moved to England, and none of my other friends lived near me anymore. Either way, no one else I knew had a baby. So…  I took my baby up to my workplace at least twice a week, just so I could be around people! I just needed some real human contact, and I am not great at meeting new people. Also, moms scared me. I thought, her I am this young mom with w new baby. All other moms are just going to judge me..right? I couldn’t be more wrong! Thanks to a few phone calls with a friend of mine, I was convinced to put myself out there.  I took Bubsy to the “babies and books” program at the library where I met several new moms- including one from my neighborhood. She in turn got me hooked into this neighborhood play date group. Another new mom I met has become my newest close friend, and she recently got me into this ‘exclusive’ new moms meet-up group.

By the time ML was over, I was ready to get back to work and routine, but my new friendships and love for my baby planted the seed of thought that I might just be able to do to SAHM thing.



One thought on “Maternity leave

  1. Ugh, mastitis is the worst. I caught a cold at 2 wks postpartum and that + trying to do too much one day (just one!) –> breast infection. I sat in bed with the baby and just cried for two days straight. I can’t imagine having a stomach bug on top of that!

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