Just One

I recently joined a local MOPS group and during introductions, we were to say how many kids we have. My response to all of the second-time and third-time moms was, “just one”. In that instant, the mentor mom looked me straight in the eye and said, “It’s never ‘just’ one”.  While it may seem that with ‘just’ one, my days are easier or my heart less full, than those with more children, the reality is that my days are still just as stressful, and my heart as full as the mom of two, three, four, or five.

I may not dole out 4 kisses to 4 different children, but I can still give 4 kisses to my little 1. I may not read 3 different books to satisfy 3 different tastes, but I can read the same book 3 times or even read those 3 different books to my little 1. It doesn’t matter that I have less mouths to feed or less little people to care for, what matters is that I am a mom, like all other the other moms at the table, and I am doing my best to lovingly raise this little human who has my whole heart wrapped up in one little finger.



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