I’m baaaacckkkkk

So obviously, with my week+ long absence, being a SAHM has shown to be very challenging. One thing I really miss- email/computer time! I guess I was pretty ambitious (okay, naïve) when I thought I’d start blogging…daily. Ha! I think, however, I will be back more often as Nathan and I start to get into a rhythm. It seems so far that major nap times are around 10:30 and 4:30 with a cat nap in between. I have officially started my weekly cleaning schedule as well. I will share that as soon as it is refined. Overall, I am LOVING this new job. I will say I thought I would have more energy, but this kid is wearing me out!

Missing my computer breaks already!

Missing my computer breaks already!


Mom Uniform Pt. 2

The “realist” mom. This is mom the SAHM mom who scoffs at the thought of dressing up every day. The realist mom knows that anything she dons is destined to get all kinds of lovely presents left on it, and therefore, is not worth the effort. This mom’s wardrobe staples consist of yoga pants, pony tails, slippers, and sweatshirts. But showering… forget it!


Image from MomTimes4

I polled a group of moms online for what to buy for my new SAHM uniform and the most common answer was yoga pants. My favorite answer was “dresses, but not ones that show your hooters”, but I digress! What I loved most about their responses is that they were genuine.

After doing some digging, I found that, often, realist moms have some desire to dress nicer, but they either don’t have the energy or don’t have the time and really- who can blame them? I think this is the struggle I will really have in my transition- especially since during the very first week of my new SAHM career, my husband will be out of town on business. Woo hoo! I get a week long party in PJs!

The Realist

A Girl can Dream

I often find myself daydreaming of my life-to-be, and I thought it would be interesting to share what is in my head- mostly, so you already SAHM can have a good laugh at my expense, and partly so I have a record to return to when I am a SAHM and need a good laugh. I often find myself drifting off with visions of a perfectly scheduled day. The baby sleeps until 8 am, allowing my husband and I time to rise and enjoy our early morning together. When the baby wakes, he wakes happy and plays in his crib until I bring him his morning bottle. I forgot to mention that I am dressed in a very cute and stylish outfit with perfect hair and perfect make-up. After his morning bottle, I ready baby boy for the day and we head down stairs for morning playtime which is filled with innovative and creative crafts, games, and songs, and in all of which baby boy eagerly participates. I am a master teacher-mother with the patience of a saint and an endless amount of activities. After morning lessons/playtime, baby boy will take his first 2 hour long nap allowing me plenty of time for housework. Again, baby boy wakes blissful, feeds on a lunch of the homemade sort, and we are off to a playdate of some kind. After the playdate, we run errands and baby boy is never, ever, ever fussy. Once home again, baby boy naps for another 1-2 while I get mommy free time! (Are you rolling your eyes or laughing at me yet). When baby boy wakes up, we have more stimulating play time, and then baby boy entertains himself while I get dinner ready. My husband arrives home; we have a lovely evening; baby boy goes down easily, and sleeps 12 hours until we start the next day all over again.

I have to say that I get that this just a dream. The reality is that no matter how perfectly scheduled a day can be on paper, things will go astray. Sweats will become my new uniform; the baby will be fussy and fight naps. I will run out of things with which to entertain him, and the house will never be perfect… but hey! Let a girl dream whilst she can!