God’s Will

Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. 

Before I was really ready to confront my husband with the resolve to stay home, I put my options in the Lord’s hands. I prayed for God to send me in the direction the He wanted. Is my calling to stay home and raise my family, or is it to continue teaching, but in a new venue? Shortly after our little chat and the death of my boss, God put it on my heart to stay home. My husband knew I was serious when I came to him with tears in my eyes stating that “I will do whatever it takes, even sell my car”. He knew I was serious when I offered up my precious Acadia, and I think he really was hoping I would make the decision I did because he hugged me and while he held me, said we didn’t have to do that.

Fast forward a couple months later. I put in my notice at work, I told all of my friends, and I started a blog about staying home, and then the phone rings. A certain prominent ISD wants to interview me for a wonderful position. He we go, Lord. Is this a trick? A test? I had applied to this district before I made my decision, and I didn’t pursue it any further thinking I didn’t need to anymore. Also, a few days later, I ran into a neighbor/friend who was trying to help me get a job in my dream ISD- the one in which I reside.  A few months ago, it had appeared that no positions would be available and working in this ISD would be a fay away fantasy… WRONG! She informed me that not only had a position opened up at her school, but also, one opened up on her team, and she could get me an interview. Geeeeezzzzzz….. What is a girl of God supposed to do with that?! I still don’t know. I told her I had decided to stay home, but I am really questioning my decision. I am going to interview next week with the first ISD, and I am hoping that God shows where He wants me to be.