awww…. nap time

Ahhh… nap time. After a crazy week volunteering for VBS (think 1,000+ energetic kids in a screaming contest) and trying to get this house back to order, I am relishing the quiet. So, speaking of getting things back in order, I spent some evenings staying up way too late scouring Pinterest for how to schedule my days.


Since I am treating each day like a workday, I wanted to “schedule” each day for certain ‘to dos’. I figured this might ensure the housework is kept up as needed, but I don’t wear myself out each day trying to get it ALL done. After all, for years while I was working, I let the house go all week, and then we would have a “cleaning times” on the weekends to clean up everything. This means, it is taking some adjustment to only work on the one area designated. So what I came up with is the beginnings of a weekly cleaning schedule. It is a living, breathing document (my speak for it will change as needed), but this is just to get me started

So here it goes:

photo (1)


EVERYDAY: I figured that there would need to be daily chores- easy, simple ones

–       Wash dishes (basically just make sure the sink is clear)

–       Wipe counters and dining room table (living out in the semi-country allows for pesky little pests, so I try and keep any remnants of food cleared away)

–       Quick pick-up (just toys, shoes, and what-nots that end up lying around)

–       Take out trash (again, those pesky little pests)

–       _____________________ I left myself a blank space just to have a visual to complete whatever else I think in necessary for that day.

Note that ‘making the bed’ is not on my everyday. I hope to make this more of a habit vs. a chore <- is that weird?

MONDAY/TUESDAY: I always felt while working that Mondays were my most productive days. Just coming off the weekend, I felt refreshed and geared up for the week ahead. With that being said, I planned for Mondays and Tuesday to be my most tedious cleaning days.

WEDNESDAY: Library Day and the day I start to lose my ambition for the week. When working, Wednesday meant the next day was Thursday, which meant the next day was Friday and no one likes to work on Fridays; therefor, by Wednesday, I don’t want to do anything… ever. My apathy for Wednesday work is the reasoning behind the easy clean day, just Nathan ‘s room and the study.

THURSDAY: I love Thursdays! It’s probably because I’m nostalgic over “Thirsty Thursdays” (our party night) in college. It also means the weekend is coming. I scheduled to take care of bedrooms and bathrooms because I can have them fresh and ready for any guests that might be joining us over the weekend.

FRIDAY: Forget Sunday Funday! I like to think of Fridays as my play day. At work, Fridays were always so relaxed, from jeans to movie days to taking it easy on the students, I like to really take it easy as my way of preparing for the weekend.  So… Fridays are for the fluffy stuff. I still was to be productive, just a little looser with my plan. I have left Friday as the take out trash, organizing, and make-up day. Just a note on the organizing- I tend to go crazy once I start, so again, I limited myself to 1 (maybe 2) organizational tasks for the day… i.e. Clean out the pantry, sort the junk drawer, purge the medicine cabinet etc…

As for SATURDAY and SUNDAY, I am trying my best to stay out of cleaning mode, but it isn’t entirely possible.